Residential & Investment, Edgware 2018

Mr S is a long standing client of GPC having bought over 40 investment properties through Ben over the past 15 years. However, this time he was looking to help his daughter find her first flat. His only port of call was to come to us. It just so happened that we had just been giving advice to another client regarding a block of flats they were developing in Edgware, a leafy suburb of North West London, that very morning. The block was not yet built, in fact it was still a bungalow on a nice plot when Mr S and his daughter saw the plans. They agreed to buy the lower ground 1100 sq ft 3-bed flat following a round the table meeting with the developer. The flat had secure parking and was only an 8 minute walk to the Underground. All parties were happy and Heads of Terms were agreed. The only snag was that just prior to exchange Mr S decided that whilst it was a good idea for his daughter to buy the flat it would be an even better idea for him to buy the entire block. So he did! Another meeting was arranged, hands were shaken and the remaining 5 flats together with the freehold were acquired for Mr S for £2.5m. A very satisfied client and an especially happy developer. GPC have since been instructed to manage the 6 rental flats.