Residential, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, 2016

Amanda was recommended to us by a friend at the point when she had already sourced the flat she wanted to buy. Negotiations were stagnating and she wanted some help to see the purchase through so we stepped in and discovered quickly there were no problems as such; only a lack of communication between the agent, seller, solicitors and buyer. Once all parties had full knowledge of everyone else’s position the sale progressed to a very satisfactory and speedy conclusion.

 Two years later Amanda wanted to move from the flat to a house and made us her first phone call. After a few weeks we sourced a house which on paper seemed perfect. At the viewing it was confirmed that it ticked every box and this was the house for Amanda. The only problem was that everyone else at the open day agreed with her and the offers came in thick and fast. It was about to go to a best bid scenario but it just so happened we had a good relationship with the estate agent and ensured them our buyer was genuine. We secured the property on behalf of Amanda without even increasing our bid. It transpired that the offers did in the end go quite a bit higher than ours – quite a way over Amanda’s budget of £340,000 – but as we remained true to our word so did the honourable vendor. The sale went through as smoothly as promised and Amanda had now secured her second property that simply if it wasn’t for us she wouldn’t have been able to buy.