Residential, Bushey, Hertfordshire, 2018

We had previously acquired two flats in a block of flats in Mill Hill, North West London on behalf of buy-to-let clients and built a very good relationship with the managing agents of the block. One of the managing agent’s relatives had inherited a flat in Bushey which they wanted to sell and were recommended they speak to Ben as they knew it was possible we would have a buyer for the flat in Bushey. We didn’t have any potential buyers at the time but we did find someone a few weeks later. Whilst probate was being arranged Ben was contacted by a former colleague who was looking to downsize to a one bedroom apartment for her and her husband. When the flat in Bushey came up in conversation Mrs R felt it would be perfect for her and her husband and Ben arranged a viewing for the following day. By now you will have guessed the ending. The buyers moved heaven and earth to buy the flat without having to their sell current house so as to make their offer from a ‘chain free’ position. Within 5 months they moved in. This is another example of a seller coming to us before putting their property on the open market. Congratulations on buying possibly the biggest ground floor 1 bed we think we have ever seen.