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Gabriella Ltd trading as GLPC. Company Number 07190997

Portfolio Management

We actively assist in building portfolios. Whether it is by advising on when & how to refinance, whether to buy for income or growth or when to dispose of a unit if it is underperforming, we actively assess each clients’ aims on a weekly basis to see how we can improve their portfolio. Many of our clients do not consider property their ‘day job’ so they entrust the entire running of their real estate assets to GLPC, allowing them to focus on their principal occupation, safe in the knowledge that their property is being taken care of. 

Property Management

Whether it is a 1-bed flat or a large supermarket we manage the property as if it were our own. We have forged excellent relationships with contractors up and down the country so that we can attend to management issues immediately. Our tenants know that we are approachable and available to discuss any management issues that arise. To this end, our tenants tend to stay in situ for many years, enjoying well-maintained accommodation.


When a client looks to sell a property we fully market to a vast array of waiting purchasers. We oversee the sales process from start to finish. The ultimate need of our client is where we always place our emphasis.


We source both on and off-market opportunities for our clients. We draw on many years of transactional history with a wide-ranging network of industry professionals.

We are approached on a regular basis by many a selling agent before a property is openly marketed. GLPC’s track record often places our client as their preferred purchaser.